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Numerous sketching applications for handheld devices let users create line work by dragging a finger across the screen. These sketching apps are fun but do not let you see where your line work is being placed when the point you touch on the screen is under your finger. You can use a stylus to get around this problem but when you’re in the field without a stylus, and you need to mark up a drawing or a photograph of a job condition, what do you do? uSketchit+ is an application that addresses this problem and simulates a process that design professionals are very familiar with. It simulates the use of a fat black pen on yellow tracing paper that has been placed over a drawing. When your finger touches the screen, it activates a virtual pen with a tip that appears just beyond your finger tip, so that you can see where the “ink” is being placed. You can also start and stop the flow of “ink” by touching the screen with your thumb and forefinger at the same time. This gives you more control over the placement of line work, which is very helpful when sketching on top of intricate floor plans. The application also lets you erase sketched line work incrementally by shaking the device.

Chapter 4

If you would like to see this application in action, take a look at the video:

How to use tips and tricks coming soon!