TSA Presentation

Yesterday at the Texas Society of Architects Convention in Austin, our TSA New Media iPhone Apps subcommittee gave a presentation to a large audience.  There were numbers of people standing on the sides and at the back of the room.  The turnout was enormous.  I felt a little vindicated after seeing this degree of interest in a program I've been trying to get past the Program Selection Committee for the convention for the last two years.  Andrew Hawkins, Ken Ethridge and I worked very hard to put together 77 slides that covered a variety of iPhone applications that architects can use to improve their productivity and promote their practices.  We collaborated via Skype and Dropbox and I think learned a good bit ourselves about what these tools can do during the production of the presentation.  We also prepared a handout that lists even more apps that we have  used and find helpful.  It is now linked to our presentation in the TSA's own iPhone application for the convention.  You can view the PDF file that we used at the following link.