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The name of this application is based on the idea that we can call up a picture of someone and place a bubble note above their head that could say anything, which of course they would not mean. But the application can also perform a useful function for design and construction professionals. Placing notes on mobile drawings or pictures of job conditions is now possible in the palm of your hand. After importing an image, the application presents a screen where you can type a note. This screen also lets you paste text from other applications like Dragon Dictation, which creates text from voice. This is particularly helpful when a note is long and involved and would take a considerable amount of time to type. The application then places a bubble on the image with your text and lets you move it into place by touching the screen. You then touch a point on the screen where the tip of the tail for the bubble note needs to occur. The user can add bubble notes with the “Add” button and delete bubble notes with the “Undo” button. You can be very accurate with the placement of the bubble note and the point where the note applies. The application is a mobile “sticky note” tool.

Chapter 6

If you would like to see this application in action, take a look at the video:

How to use tips and tricks coming soon!