UgolferU Site

I'm continuing to refine the UgolferU website with the addition of Google Adsense features.  After signing up for an Adsense account and getting the direct deposit feature approved for my payments when ads are clicked, I proceeded to select the design features for the ads that would look best with the site.  After designing the ads, the Adsense site produces code for that design that needs to be inserted into the UgolferU site design.  This is where knowing the RapidWeaver software that I used to produce the site comes in handy.  I knew (after a good bit of study) where this code needed to be place in the site.  I can now produce all kinds of Adsense ads and the code for them and place them in the UgolferU site so that they look good.  Producing a website(s) that will generate income from clicks by visitors is very exciting idea.