UgolferU Site (cont.)

Work on the UgolferU site continues.  The ads area of the site has been expanded to include the Google Affiliate Network options.  This feature allows site owners to include ads by specific advertisers in their site.  These ads are beyond the standard Adsense option.  Publishers (site owners/bloggers) can apply to Advertisers that are part of the network for permission to place their ads in the publishers website.  If the advertiser likes the look of the site, he makes the code for his ads available to the site owner.

The UgolferU site has also been expanded to include photographs of the courses I've played.  The website design is very versatile in that the photos fill the available screen for the device the site is viewed on, no matter its size.  So the images can fill the large area available on laptops as well as the small area available on iPhones, iPads or other hand held devices.