UgolferU Site (cont.)

The logo for the UgolferU site is finished.  The process was interesting and I have learned a lot about PNG files.  It took a while but I finally decided that something that would make the logo unique was an image of something that was really mine, my golf glove.  I took a picture of it hanging on my bag, created a grey scale image, bumped up the contrast and cut the glove out of the background.  Placing the image on a transparent background in Photoshop let me place it on top of the "U".  The image then had to be saved as an Interlaced PNG file which retains the transparent background but that can also be loaded into this blog as any photograph can.  I've created an image with a black "U" for light backgrounds (see below) and an image with a white "U" that can be seen in the UgolferU blog page.